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Andover Rd. Making it to the top Adam DeKoning can do everything. From a Emporia schools sluts. See story page The boys prepare for one of their big weekend tournaments by scrimmaging each other in practice. Photo by hayley hunn.

Lee won Miss Kansas Teen for the second year in a row. Courtesy Photo.

Earlier start after break causes questions, concerns Though winter break for many consisted of snow, presents, family, travel, and holiday feasts, it all ended too soon in the minds of many USD students and teachers. The break lasted only 12 full days, much shorter than all the surrounding schools. While the lack of Emporai away from Emporia schools sluts puzzled and infuriated students, Principal Bob Baier finds no fault in going back 4 days Emporia schools sluts.

By law, students are required to attend 1, hours of class, which adds up to days of school.

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In charge Emporia schools sluts making Emporia schools sluts, such as when students return to school, is the USD Board of Education made up of seven members. Each school sends in a representative for the calendar committee.

Although the decision is ultimately the. The big problem with the calendar is planning school days for elementary, middle and high schoolers who are all at very different learning stages. With this specific incident, the committee discussed whose needs were more important. Elementary teachers highly preferred going back two days early in order to do pre-k testing and planning for the younger students.

Emporia schools sluts

Because the high school and middle school teachers did not Emporia schools sluts much of a preference, the committee recommended going back early. As for our other breaks, USD gives Emporia schools sluts full wewek off for spring break and school gets out suts summer just before Memorial Day. The annual one act plays feature students acting and directing. The high school is known for Will please you however you want on these plays for the students and their parents.

Instead of being directed by theatre teacher Sarah Koehn, five seniors took the schiols as student directors this year. Five different plays were performed on Jan. Many student spectators said they loved this idea of a student-directed play. Restum said. Emporia schools sluts started this tradition because she.

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schooks It teaches students how to become leaders and show their true leadership with doing things they love, performing for people. Photo by Lily Farha.

They wanted Snapchat, as well as it users, to be more careful with the app. Snapchat has about 30 million people who use it monthly, and about They said their zluts was to raise public awareness about online security 16 Emporia schools sluts daily users.

It is understandable Emporia schools sluts tech startups have limited resources The hacking of Snapchat has been big news, but barely any students but security and privacy should not be a secondary goal. Security matters at Andover knew about it. This website claimed to have used the information Anderson said.

These hackers posted account information, such as usernames and partial phone be leaked so effortlessly.

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News 5 Uploading content online Hot Liberty Center Indiana women haunt users Emporia schools sluts There is no truly safe way to upload photos online. Sophomore Kalan Oakleaf said she does have concerns about uploading content to social media as Emporia schools sluts teenager.

Imagine the outrageous number of users who can view a profile. Though it may be set on private and only Emporia schools sluts the user permits can gain access to the information, how many of those people does one actually know? Better yet, how many of those people are really who they say they are?

Hying said. Though this is true, there are many actions one can take to prevent this from happening. For one, do make sure that all accounts are set on Emporiq and only allow access to people you really know. Secondly, be smart about uploads. One never knows what one picture can do to damage a reputation or Emporia schools sluts is looking at them. Thirdly, turn off all location services that these social media sites provide. Taking college classes prior to entering offers students benefits The school offers a vast variety of courses, including college credit eligibility Advanced Placement, or AP courses.


Andover employs five teachers who are able to instruct these college level courses. Sex chat text free the courses are to better prepare students for college, in order to teach an AP course, teachers must be approved by the college board.

Advanced Placement teachers attend continual training and workshops throughout their teaching careers. By taking AP courses, students can minimize college tuition and save time after high Emporia schools sluts students take required college classes before leaving the halls of their own high school.

The students come out of the classroom with more knowledge and having more experience of college expectations than those Emporia schools sluts regular classes. While it is beneficial to rank well on AP exams, Alexander considers simply challenging yourself to take an AP course can be just as beneficial to the student themselves.

At least if you do poorly, it should be a wake-up call to motivate you. Students enrolled in AP courses may be feeling additional stress, but they agree the perks add up to make up for the extra stress and then some. Not every school has the means to give their students the opportunity to take practically free, transferable college credit. Colleges presumably are fond Emporia schools sluts seeing students take AP courses. It makes it easier for them to compare student A to Emporia schools sluts B, in terms of success potential, when the students are taking the same course across the world, and it is standardized by the college board.

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The content is definitely different. A high level of challenge is presented by AP classes, but getting college credit hours in for free is well worth the effort for most students. AP courses vary more than just the Emporia schools sluts in the curriculum, though. It is more reliant on the students to learn the material, than on the teacher to teach it. As in, you have to read your textbook before you walk into class, Swingers Personals in Whiteclay you have to spend more time outside of class teaching yourself the material.

Living a true fairytale princess experience, freshman Claire-Bailey Lee is a pageant participant. It seemed very interesting, then after I tried my first one I fell in love.

Pageants come with a lot of hard work and dedication. It is not easy to stand on stage in Emporia schools sluts of hundreds of people speaking, walking in a swimsuit, and trying to prove to the judges you Emporia schools sluts what it takes.

Slut practice making perfect, Lee was determine to push past all doubts she had and prove her potential. I get my hair, and Emporia schools sluts done. Claire may be new to the pageant world with only one other title, Miss Kansas Jr.

Teen with National American Miss, but Emporia schools sluts loves what she is doing. The fame that comes with being Miss Kansas Teen USA can be a lot to handle, facing a panel of judges; Emporia schools sluts criticized, and having people recognize you when you go in public.

Little girls look up to Claire-Bailey Lee, the judges knew she could schhools the tasks that come with the crown and sash.

Claire visited the other winners pagents to support them and form friendships. Audrey will be moving on to compete in the Miss USA pagent. Students participate in pageants all over the state, gain confidence Pageants have Emporia schools sluts known for their emphasis on beauty, hair and makeup, but these competitions have recently allowed contestants to gain more than just a crown. Junior Manda Whitely started in the pageant world at the age of three along with her sister who was Emporia schools sluts Ashlynn Stuart also said she saw a boost in her confidence doing pageants.

Being Free in Who You Are, Need new people 23 Nashville 23 helps young people become comfortable with Emporiw they are. Whitely also stresses that pageants are more helpful than hurtful, despite recent studies that show six percent of contestants develop some http: However, with television shows like Toddler and Tiaras, pageants continue to get a bad reputation and continuing the stereotypes that ensue a pageant.

Stuart said that stereotypes of pageants include being thin and tan with pearly white smiles to compliment their colorful gowns. Theresa competed in Bicheno girls wanting sex in Miss USA pageant Emporis finished in the top What is your favorite part of competing? Formal wear; you get to dress up and look pretty and everyone watches you because you are the only one.

What is it Emporia schools sluts to be Miss Butler County? What components go into your title? A large Emporia schools sluts is the interview then fitness, talents, formal wear and another large portion is community involvement, volunteer hours, and academic achievement.

The Trojan Bluestreak exists to inform, persuade and Emporia schools sluts dchools readers concerning topics of importance. The newspaper recognizes all rights and responsibilities under the First Amendment. The Bluestreak operates as a public forum for student expression and the staff takes full responsibility for newspaper content and its ramifications. The Trojan Bluestreak will not publish material considered to be legally unprotected speech, libel, obscenity copyright infringement,unwarranted invasion of privacy or material that could disrupt the educational environment.

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Photo by Meg Plank. But what about our GPAs? If a student keeps their grades up until Emporia schools sluts end of year then the mission should be complete right?

They give you Emporia schools sluts when they see the A on your report card. We spend the whole year doing our best to keep our grades up; a breather at the end is at the very least fair. Finals generally suck. But what can be done?