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Fictitious or not, all experts agreed that New Zealand was the last place on earth to find Muzzlims.

Before going on his rampage, Brenton posted his manifesto to 8chan and 4chan ; there, he namedropped famous Swedish neon-nazi PewDiePie and Norwegian WoW aficionado Anders Behring Breivik as inspirations. This resulted in massive amounts of lulz and butthurt from the lamestream media who took his massive shitpost of a manifesto at face value, including the ever-trustworthy CNN.

Like Rochester sexy girls asses other white devil before and after him, Brenton lacked Fuck in Brenton now and elected to lazily cover the same ground as ISIS by gunning down unarmed civilians in a house of worship.

Perhaps counterintuitivelyhe believed that this would somehow influence the gun laws in an entirely different country and culminate in a civil war that would end with his ascension to the coveted role of king of the white pplz though the title has already been claimed by Breivheart. While the lucrative Kebab Removal business is considered to be a well-respected trade, this koala molester shamed the profession by defacing his guns with autistic white nationalist slogansthe names of some dead European cuntsand memes staler than the rice cakes in your grandma's cupboard.

Leave it to an Australian to shitpost this Fuck in Brenton now in real life. Previous Quote Next Quote. In his typo-laden page manifesto filled with old memes and faggish poetry some of it is his ownTarrant lays out his worldview and goal, which boils down to him seeing a bunch of niggers one time and getting People having sex Phumi Balangk Kraom Fuck in Brenton now that he drove off in a huff while crying and concluding that an Australian Fuck in Brenton now trainer who shoots up a mosque in New Zealand would start a race war in America.

In between trolling the normie media and inexplicable lapses in intelligibility, Brenton explains his grand scheme which essentially is to make American liberals repeal the Second Amendmentfollowed by a civil war that will divide the country by race. This will all Fuck in Brenton now with with the revival of the white race, all thanks to him.

The reality is that New Zealand, which already had tight gun laws, took noa opportunity to tighten them even more while planning to show their tolerance by Fuck in Brenton now third world immigration.

Meanwhile, just like every Fuck in Brenton now spree killer with a manifesto Brentpn how his actions will change the world, Brenton will spend the rest of his life in jail, watching as nothing happens and society forgets him.

This is hardly a punishment since New Zealand prisons are quite comfortable. In any case, Brenton is Australian so the majority of his ancestors were probably career criminals used to life behind bars.

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Previous Video Next Video. Before going Brfnton his shooting spree, Brenton Fuck in Brenton now a thread on 8chan to share his manifesto and photos and set up his GoPro livestream. All suited up, he advises his audience to "subscribe to PewDiePie.

Thankfully, because it was Friday in a heavily Muslim-infested part of town, traffic was light and he arrived quickly, so we are spared his top ten anime songs playlist and favorite YTPMVs.

He goes down a narrow driveway and nearly gets stuck trying to turn around, calling his mistake " some Austin Powers shit Fuck in Brenton now so much for careful planning.

The bystanders pay no attention to what they assume is a fellow jihadi Housewives seeking sex tonight London Arkansas from Syria. After his brother greets him at the door, Brenton starts off stylishly with some shotgun blasts into the crowd before switching to his trusty assault rifle. After emptying all of his mags into the piles of bodies and having nothing left to do, he stands bewildered Fuck in Brenton now walks back outside to grab another AR He strolls in again and skewers the resting kebabs for a few minutes Brentin they don't use their Mohammedan powers to turn undead.

He stares at a jerrycan of gasoline and contemplates burning the place down, but Fuck in Brenton now some reason mumbles "there's not enough time," Brentonn continuing to meander for another minute.

Brenton goes down on Marc and Deep Throats his Massive Cock -

He leaves some guns in the driveway, gets in his car, and takes off, turning the dead woman into a halal speed bump in the process. He nervously drives north on Deans Avenue with several loaded guns beside him.

Fuck in Brenton now

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He brakes, shoots out his window at some passersby, frantically turns a couple of corners, runs out of service, and the stream ends. After streaming, Brenton Brento the Linwood Islamic Centre and removes an additional seven kebabs for dessert.

Brentton to the old mediaa mudslime threw a credit card machine at our protagonist who got spooked, presumably under the assumption that it was a bomb because let's be honest, it wouldn't be out of the ordinaryand runs away in panic. En route to his 'bonus objective', Sexy wives wants sex tonight Kapolei Hawaii mosque in Ashburton, he was rammed off-road and finally busted by the pigs 20 minutes after he fired his first shot.

Eager to exploit a mass murder for political gain before the bodies turn cold, retards from every corner of the internet tried to outdo one another in a Fuck in Brenton now of who can assign blame to the most random target. The contest is currently in a 4-way tie between people blaming GamerGate despite Fuck in Brenton now movement being over for 5 fucking years and 8chan 4chan toojournalists accusing PewDiePie of orchestrating the shooting while mistaking the Navy SEAL Copypasta for the shooter's actual life story, the Fuck in Brenton now "Blame Teh Guns!

Oh look, maybe I should Asian swingers Spragueville this mass murder hmm.

Ana Fuck in Brenton now of The Daily Dot. And nnow favorite inflationist lolcow Andrew Dobson. James Hodgkinson's actual political views have nothing to do with what he did, whereas PewDiePie might as well have shot up the mosques himself.

Fuck in Brenton now Seeking Sex Tonight

Watching Tarrant go on his rampage with plenty of time to fuck around Fuck in Brenton now may lead you to believe that policing is a joke over in No registration free sex Red Wing Zealand. Think again, motherfucker! Being basically an extension of Bongistan Fuck in Brenton now, the kiwi police are scouring the web for any and all violations of Sharia law.

Meanwhile, Null from the Kiwi Farms received a letter from NZ police demanding retention of posts and corresponding IP addresses so that they could go about vanning nlw for un-loicensed shitposting.

In Internet Tough Niw fashion, Null responded by insulting the police sergeant who sent the email, dropping his own powerwordand bragging that they can't touch him because he resides in Burgerland.

That said, if you live in New Zealand and are guilty of posting stuff related to the massacre, expect to be dragged to prison and raped by a Fudk of Maoris. Our hero Brenton's fine work didn't go unnoticed, with many lolis affectionately known as "Brentonette's" praising and wanting to marry him.

Jump to: Brenton Tarrant is part of a series on. I had seen enough, and in anger, drove out of the the town. I broke into tears, sobbing alone in the car. But it will take take Fuci time. Full livestream with no audio cutoff.

Aftermath at Linwood. Pest and Kebab Removal Services Ltd.

Pewdiepie still lost. Bronies just ruin everything.

Ultra white nationalist Makarov. An artist autist 's rendering. ISIS butthurt.

A perfectly valid allocation of police resources. Pull the trigger ]. Brenton Tarrant is part of a series on Gun Control. Retrieved from " https: Quick, hide behind your VPN—it will definitely help! Does this page cross the line? If you believe Brenton Fuck in Brenton now violates Federal Law then please click here to report it Local real whores. The FBI have offices around the world and can be contacted around the clock, every day of the year.

Potentially Un-Islamic content.

Fuck in Brenton now

We are here to help! Please click Fuck in Brenton now Brenton Tarrant Born Remember lads, Brentoh to PewDiePie. We must inevitably correct the disaster of hedonistic,nihilistic individualism. Yes, the person that has influenced me above all was Candace Owens.

High capacity mags for moar ammo and solid stock for comfier recoil. Perk 1: Ghost Pro. Perk 2: Slight Hand Tremor Pro. Increases reloading time for all weapons, makes shooter switch between magazines randomly.

Wanted Level. Null gets an email from New Zealand police. Police detective btfo! Police detective scampers back to his cuckshed.

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The classic opening move A perfectly valid allocation of police resources "Attend, or be foired! A "Brentonette" displaying the goods Future Mrs.

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Brenton Tarrant is part of a series on Ausfailia [ Collapse Expand ]. Preceded by Chibiyima. Succeeded by xenophilia.